Our Beliefs

We do not want to tell you what to believe. We want you to learn to read the Bible for yourself and make up your own mind. Our own studies of the Bible have led us all to the following conclusions about these key areas.


We believe that God created everything we see. Heaven, earth and all life.

We believe God is ONE God NOT three in ONE.​

We believe that the Holy Spirit is the power of God that keeps everything alive.​

The Bible

We believe that the WHOLE Bible is inspired by God. In other words - even though different men wrote the words God put his words in their minds so that they could write what He wanted.

​​We believe that only the Bible has the TRUTH about how to be saved and our hope for the future.​

Jesus Christ

We believe Jesus Christ was born of the virgin Mary.

We believe that God was his father.​

We believe he was a man and tempted in everyway we are. But he did not sin.​ This is why he was raised from the dead.

We believe he died as a perfect sacrifice for sin.​

The Kingdom of God

We believe the kingdom of God is to be established on earth when Jesus returns. He will rule as king for 1000 years.

We believe that the kingdom of God on earth is the final plan and purpose of God. It will replace ALL kingdoms on earth and last forever.

We believe the earth will be made perfect and last forever.​


We believe that when Jesus returns to the earth the first thing he will do is raise people from the dead to life again.

These people will be judged. If found worthy they will live forever and ever on this earth.​

We believe the Bible refers to these people as the sons and daughters of God or saints.​


We believe that since the Lord Jesus Christ commanded it that the only way to be saved is by being baptised. This is full immersion as a believing adult. Only then does Christ's sacrifice work for you.

​We believe therefore that baptism is ESSENTIAL for salvation.​